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Oma s en opa s landen van de wereld en Romeinse cijfers romeinse cijfers tot 10, source:kiwinest.weebly.com
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Samenvatting Rekenen met Hele Getallen op de Basisschool romeinse cijfers tot 10, source:studeersnel.nl
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Oma s en opa s landen van de wereld en Romeinse cijfers romeinse cijfers tot 10, source:kiwinest.weebly.com
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Oil rate plunges over 30% as Saudi Arabia unveils aggressive cost cuts Oil fees plummeted over 30% on Sunday – the greatest one-day drop when you consider that 1991 – after the alliance between OPEC+ and Russia came undone closing Friday 06 March over supply disagreements. On Monday 09 March, US Crude oil costs fell as lots as 27% within minutes of the market opening to a four-yr low of US$30 a barrel. Brent Crude also dropped 31% in early buying and selling from US$forty five a barrel to US$31.02 a barrel. Saudi Arabia to elevate oil output and reduce costs merchants are promoting off, in anticipation of bigger oil output and reduce expenditures, brought on through Saudi Arabia’s shock determination to carry oil creation by means of two million barrels a day, and cut back costs by using between US$6 to US$eight per barrel. Saudi oil production might reportedly attain upward of 10 million barrels per day ranging from April, to as a whole lot as 12 million barrels. Saudi Arabia – the de facto chief of the firm of Petroleum Exporting countries (OPEC) – printed its plans on Sunday 08 March, as a response to Russia’s refusal to in the reduction of its output in Friday’s Vienna meeting amid the worsening coronavirus outbreak, which has hit oil demand complicated in recent weeks. Russian President Vladimir Putin had earlier indicated that the nation’s current oil costs are ‘acceptable’, and that it had the equipment to respond to any adversarial market influence from the coronavirus’ unfold. Following Friday’s meeting, oil costs had plunged as much as 10%. Oil fees had already been bearish in the ultimate one month because of reduce demand led to by way of the coronavirus. US crude cost has fallen roughly forty four% seeing that February, whereas Brent is down some forty three.1%. Go lengthy or brief on US Crude and Brent Crude expenditures via buying and selling CFDs with IG. Analysts: oil rate crumple has most effective ‘simply begun’ Analysts view the circulation with the aid of Saudi Arabia as a ‘market share grab’ and the birth of a ‘cost conflict’. ‘The sign is Saudi Arabia is looking to open the spigots and battle for market share,’ said Matt Smith, director of commodity research at ClipperData, instructed CNN. ‘Saudi is rolling up its sleeves for a price conflict.’ Bob McNally at Rapidan energy neighborhood spoke of that it’s ‘very infrequent’ for a crumple well-liked to ‘coincide with a deliver surge’, telling The economic times that it is the most rate-bearish crude combination in view that the early Nineteen Thirties. He believes the rate collapse has only ‘simply begun’. in response to RBC Capital Markets’ Biraj Borkhataria, this newest price war will have a ripple effect on the rest of the power business. He noted the ‘big’ drop in oil expenditures ‘evidently exposes the entire energy majors’, as they ‘want Brent crude at US$50-US$60 a barrel to cover their dividends’. US shale oil producers, who’ve historically relied on higher costs to income due to their better expenses of production, will also be damage by using the tensions between Russia and Saudi Arabia. ‘Russia has been losing tips that the actual goal is the U.S. shale oil producers, since it is bored to death with slicing output and simply leaving them with house,’ FGE consultants wrote in a notice to shoppers on Sunday. ‘Such an attack may well be doomed to failure except expenses remain low for a very long time,’ they brought. Brent crude could fall to as low as US$20 a barrel Following Saudi Arabia’s newest announcement, Goldman Sachs’ commodity research crew reduced its price forecast for Brent crude to US$30 a barrel for the 2nd and third quarters on 2020, additional cautioning that there can be extra declines to as low as US$20 a barrel in the coming weeks. Some market watchers opined that this newest oil battle is one which would be elaborate to improve from. ‘it is difficult to see how the connection can quite simply be put returned on a high-quality footing,’ noted RBC Capital Markets analysts, while FGE consultants referred to it as a ‘collective suicide with a lose-lose conclusion’. alternate US Crude Oil, Brent Crude Oil and different commodities via IG’s business-main trading platform. Roman Theatre and its atmosphere and the "Triumphal Arch" of Orange Roman Theatre and its surroundings and the "Triumphal Arch" of Orange headquartered within the Rhone valley, the historical theatre of Orange, with its 103-m-long facade, is likely one of the premiere preserved of all the incredible Roman theatres. constructed between A.D. 10 and 25, the Roman arch is likely one of the most alluring and interesting surviving examples of a provincial triumphal arch from the reign of Augustus. it is decorated with low reliefs commemorating the establishment of the Pax Romana. Description is purchasable below license CC-by using-SA IGO three.0
Théâtre old et ses abords et « Arc de Triomphe » d’Orange Dans la vallée du Rhône, le théâtre antique d’Orange, avec son mur de façade de 103 m de lengthy, est l’un des mieux conservés des grands théâtres romains. Construit entre 10 et 25, l’arc de triomphe romain d’Orange est l’un des plus beaux et des plus intéressants arcs de triomphe provinciaux d’époque augustéenne qui nous soit parvenu, avec des bas-reliefs qui retracent l’établissement de la Pax Romana. Description is attainable below license CC-by way of-SA IGO three.0
مسرح قديم وضواحيه وقوس النصر في مقاطعة أورانج يُعتبر مسرح أورانج القديم الذي يقع في وادي نهر الرون بواجهة جداره التي تبلغ طولها 103 أمتار من أكثر المسارح الرومانية الكبيرة التي تمّ الحفاظ عليها. ويُعتبر قوص النصر الروماني في أورانج الذي تمّ تشييده بين العامين 10 و25 من أجمل أقواس النصر العائدة للحقبة الأغسطينية التي بلغت إلينا وأكثرها إثارةً، بنتوءاته التي تُعيد استتباب باكس رومانا أي السلام الروماني.
supply: UNESCO/ERI
Description is obtainable beneath license CC-by way of-SA IGO three.0

奥朗日古罗马剧场和凯旋门 奥朗日古剧场坐落在隆河河谷(Rhone valley),正面长103米,是所有古罗马剧场中保存最完好的剧场之一。罗马凯旋门建造于公元10至25年,是从奥古斯都统治时期保存下来的外省凯旋门中最精美、最有意义的一个,上面刻有浅浮雕,用以纪念罗马帝国统治下的和平与繁荣。
supply: UNESCO/ERI
Description is attainable below license CC-by means of-SA IGO three.0

Древнеримский театр с окружением и триумфальная арка в городе Оранж Расположенный в долине реки Роны, античный театр Оранжа с фасадом длиной 103 м является одним из наиболее хорошо сохранившихся среди всех крупнейших древнеримских театров. Древнеримская арка Оранжа, построенная между 10 и 25 гг. н.э. при правлении Августа, признана одной из самых красивых и примечательных среди всех провинциальных триумфальных арок, дошедших до наших дней. Она украшена барельефами, увековечивающими достижения древнеримского мира (Pax Romana).
source: UNESCO/ERI
Description is attainable below license CC-by means of-SA IGO 3.0

Teatro romano y sus alrededores y “Arco de Triunfo” de Orange Situada en el valle del Ródano, la ciudad de Orange posee uno de los grandes teatros romanos mejor conservados del mundo, con una fachada escénica de 103 metros de anchura. Asimismo, cuenta con un arco de triunfo construido entre los años 10 y 25 de nuestra period, que es uno de los más bellos ejemplos subsistentes de los monumentos romanos provinciales de este tipo erigidos en la época de Augusto. Sus bajorrelieves representan el establecimiento de la “pax romana”.
source: UNESCO/ERI
Description is accessible below license CC-with the aid of-SA IGO three.0

オランジュのローマ劇場とその周辺及び"凱旋門" 紀元前1世紀、ローマのカエサルがフランス南部のローヌ川左岸にあるオランジュを支配下におさめて建設した植民都市。貴重なローマ遺跡群のなかでも、ローマ劇場は保存状態がよく、音響効果も優れているため、現在も毎年夏には国際的なオペラ公演が行われている。 supply: NFUAJ
Romeins theater en omgeving en de ‘Triomfboog’ van Orange Het oude theater van Orange, met zijn 103 meter lange gevel, ligt in de Rhône vallei en behoort tot de most useful bewaarde van alle grote Romeinse theaters. De Romeinse boog werd gebouwd tussen 10 en 25 na Christus. Het is een van de mooiste en meest interessante overgebleven voorbeelden van een provinciale triomfboog uit de regeringsperiode van Augustus. Hij is versierd met lage reliëfs ter herinnering aan de vestiging van de Pax Romana (Romeinse Vrede). De boog is later door Tiberius gereconstrueerd en bevat een inscriptie uit het jaar 27, ter ere van hem. source: unesco.nl
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