How To Draw A Fox

How To Draw A Fox – Do you want to learn how to draw a fox? You’ve come to the right place! If you’ve never drawn a fox before, you might feel a little overwhelmed. Fortunately, drawing a fox is very easy with the right instructions.

This step by step fox drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw in no time. Each step is short and simple, so there is no confusion about how it works.

How To Draw A Fox

How To Draw A Fox

Before starting the tutorial, make sure you have some quality drawing pencils, sticky notes and erasers. These are the minimum supplies needed to create a cute little fox.

How To Draw The Gray Fox • John Muir Laws

I was looking forward to this fox presentation the most. Who doesn’t love foxes? Although there are many types of foxes such as amber fox, gray fox, white fox and black fox, today’s example will be the famous red fox.

How To Draw A Fox

You can use the blues lines as a reference to follow this tutorial. The blue lines indicate the drawing that needs to be done at this stage. For example, in step two, you’ll notice that the ears are blue. This means that you will have to draw fox ears to some extent.

Prefer to watch a video tutorial? Scroll to the end of this post for a simple fox drawing tutorial video. Easy step-by-step fox painting tutorial

How To Draw A Fox

How To Draw A Cute Fox Step By Step

It’s time to start drawing a fox! Follow these steps to create a cute cartoon fox.

The first step in making a fox is to draw the head. To do this, draw a symmetrical shape as shown above. It looks like a lemon on its side.

How To Draw A Fox

You can draw your fox’s ears by creating two triangles on the head that you just drew. Draw a second pair of smaller triangles inside the first triangle to complete the fox ears. For better results, the distance between the two ears and the distance between the ears and the fox’s head should be the same. This gives a more balanced look.

How To Draw From Nature Step By Step Sketch Of Cute Fox. Creation Step Wise Pencil Drawing. Educational Page For Artists. School Textbook For Developing Artistic Skills. Hand Drawn Vector Image. Stock Vector |

The third step is to start the eyes of the beautiful fox. Draw two ovals in the center of the fox’s head. Try to arrange them in their respective tabs. For example, the right eye ends around the center of the right ear.

How To Draw A Fox

For students, draw two small ovals, one for each eye, in the upper right corner. This pair helps to create the most beautiful eyes.

The fourth step is to simply shade and draw some eyebrows into the fox’s eyes. The shadow room needs nothing. Only black color in the eyes. Add an eyebrow above each eye as shown above.

How To Draw A Fox

How To Draw Fox [step By Step]

The fox’s nose should be in the center of the fox’s face and start below the eyes. When you draw the fox’s nose, think of it as drawing a heart, except there is no filling in the center of the top.

Then draw the fox’s mouth. Create a wide “W” shaped curved line to draw the mouth. The mouth should be placed under the fox’s nose. Around the halfway point between the nose and the chin, it will be a little closer to the nose.

How To Draw A Fox

In step seven, we add the little details that make your fox a fox! Add two slanted lines to the inside of the fox’s ears as shown above. Then add two closed vertical lines to the outer ear.

How To Draw A Fox For Kids

Next, draw a line that starts at the side of the fox’s head and goes down to the top of the nose. This row is interrupted by the upper third of the fox.

How To Draw A Fox

To draw the fox’s body, create two curved vertical lines going down the side of the fox’s head. The lines start straight inward and then curve back a bit. The length of each line should be equal to the length from the top of the fox’s head to the chin.

For maximum beauty, draw two legs that meet in the middle. This means that two lines should be drawn for each leg. You want to start with the outside line of the leg in line with the outside of the eye. The inside of the foot begins to line up with the outside corner of the fox’s mouth.

How To Draw A Fox

How To Draw White Fox (easy) Adept_art

Now draw the details of the fox’s body. To do this, copy the symmetrical squiggly lines shown above.

To draw the fox’s hind legs, create two simple outlines as shown above.

How To Draw A Fox

A beautiful fox needs a big fluffy tail. Draw a fluffy tail that is about the same height as your fox’s body.

How To Draw A Fox Emoji Face

Now draw a thin line on the fox’s tail. This separates the two colors of the tail.

How To Draw A Fox

You now have a beautiful drawing of a fox! If you want to bring this drawing into a notch, continue to the next step. Otherwise, enjoy!

Now you can take out the colored pencils and draw the fox. You can use the image of the red fox above as inspiration. Have fun. 🙂

How To Draw A Fox

Easy How To Draw A Fox Face Tutorial And Fox Face Coloring Page

Drawing animals is a lot of fun, so you might be wondering what else you can draw. If you want to improve your drawing skills, I highly recommend “101 How to Draw Animals” by Dan Green. This book will teach you how to draw 101 animals step by step in the easiest way.

Well, I hope you like this easy fox drawing tutorial. If you have other step-by-step pictures that you would like to post, please let me know in the comments! 🙂 Learn how to draw a fox with this easy step-by-step tutorial. There are quite a few to choose from!

How To Draw A Fox

This simple drawing project is made with markers and crayons, but the simple shape of the fox makes it a good choice for more “messy” media.

How To Draw A Cute Fox

For example, if you want students to try oil pastels, perhaps for the first time, that’s fine with a very small detailed painting project. Palette manipulations create great color and texture, but small details are lost and can be disappointing. It’s good to keep things big and basic.

How To Draw A Fox

My advice for an oil painting that really jumps off the page when you do it this way? Have students draw, color and draw the shapes with a pencil

Trace the image with black paste. They will have a cleaner look which always adds some interest to the art.

How To Draw A Fox

Ways To Draw A Fox

If you find a way to draw an animal that is very simple but retains all of the animal’s recognizable features, you put it in the “keeper” file and try it out on all kinds of media.

I think this baby fox drawing, inspired by some simple clip art, has all those qualities. When I was still working in the classroom, this was a staple meal for the kids. If students are told to “draw a big U on top of their paper” etc., they will understand and the rest of the drawing will fall into place.

How To Draw A Fox

Very simple drawings are great for young people, but they also suit more messy media. Oil pans that tend to be very thick and create thick lines can really shine here. Their rough quality makes them look rough, which is perfect for fur.

Fox Drawing Images

My tutorial shows you how to draw and color this baby fox with crayons, but if you decide to use oil pastels, here are some tips.

How To Draw A Fox

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How To Draw A Fox

How To Draw A Cute Fox

Basic cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the website. This category includes only those cookies that ensure the basic functionality and security functions of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. We have seen how to draw a cat, how to draw a dog, and now we will see how to draw a fox. Here you will learn how to draw a cute but simple fox. We proceed in the usual way: from the abstract form to the actual properties of the animals

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