Bear Drawing

Bear Drawing – Hello dear artist, welcome Our reader has often asked us to make a tutorial on how to draw a bear. And this is not surprising, because this animal is distributed all over the world. We could meet the bear in many books, movies, cartoons and even comics.

First, as always, draw a circle as a guide. Then draw the bear’s body using two ellipses – one as a guide for the chest and one for the hips. Do not draw everything very smoothly at this stage. At the end of this sketch, draw the organs.

Bear Drawing

Bear Drawing

Now draw the symmetrical lines of the face. Draw small round ears on the top of the head. Draw a face on the front of the head. Then connect the ovals from the previous step and create the torso. At the end of this step, draw the limbs using simple geometric shapes.

How To Draw A Teddy Bear For Kids

We have to be very careful at this stage. Carefully draw the ears, eyes, face and contours of the head, erasing unnecessary instructions from the head. Note that the lines should be fluffy like in our example.

Bear Drawing

This is probably the easiest step of the how to draw a bear tutorial. Here you need to draw the lines of the body with the help of a fluffy line. As in the previous step, erase all the instructions from the upper body.

Let’s move on to the organs. As in the previous step, we need to draw paws with the help of fluffy lines. Note that they should be very thick. Erase any remaining instructions and pull out the sharp claws.

Bear Drawing

Plush Drawing Teddy Bear

This is the last step of the drawing lesson, how to draw a bear step by step. If you did everything correctly and do not need to correct, you can add shadows. You can first draw the shadows with very light lines and then add hatching inside the shadow lines.

Drawing a bear was very difficult, but at the end of this lesson we got such a realistic drawing of a bear. By the way, with this drawing tutorial, you can draw a grizzly bear, a brown bear, and also a polar bear. By breaking down the main work into stages, you make designing much easier for yourself. Start your sketches with a light sketch to capture your subject’s posture, proportions, and angles. I use a blue non-erasable pencil to cover your initial design. I then draw with graphite pencil directly on this frame, adding detail and texture. The blue pencil stabilizes the shape so I don’t have to think about fine grain and large aspect ratio at the same time.

Bear Drawing

The blue lines represent the first guides I created to block the bear. When this blue pencil frame is ready, I go over it with a graphite pencil to draw the details of the bear. In this series, I show the final drawing of the bear in the beginning stages so you can see how I simplify the shape. The unreal blue pencil lines are much lighter than what you see in this demo, they’re barely noticeable, but they’re exaggerated here to help you along. Play with these techniques and learn how to draw a bear.

Roaring Bear Drawing Art Logo Design Inspiration Stock Vector

Start with a pose line that captures the animal’s energy and movement. Basically, this is the spine line.

Bear Drawing

Create a “tight box” around the body. This box will have different shapes for different animals. For the bear, it is a horizontal rectangle.

Block the head with a circle for the brain camera and a rectangle for the muzzle. Check your ratios. It is easy to make the head too big and far from the body.

Bear Drawing

Teddy Bear Drawing Black And White Stock Photos & Images

Determine the position of the legs. Note that the corners of the housing box do not protrude slightly from the front and back.

Now use the negative shapes to check the fit of the legs. The space under the body is very useful. Do not continue until your negative form is correct. Also use negative shapes to capture the front and back corners of the body.

Bear Drawing

These quick lines depict the shape of the body. This is a non-photographic blue frame on which a graphite pencil drawing will be created.

Drawing Teddy Bear Royalty Free Vector Image

When you apply dark pencil lines, your brain will ignore the non-photographic blue guides and you won’t have to go back and erase them. This is a real time saver and a useful workflow.

Bear Drawing

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